Wholesale & Dropshipping Program

Interested in offering Zoomers to your customers through your online store, storefront, or somewhere else?

Partner with Zoomers by joining our wholesale and dropshipping program!

Our program is free to join with no buy-in costs. We do however require you submit an application telling us a little bit about your business and where you'd like to offer Zoomers for sale. 

If you're accepted to our wholesale and dropshipping program, you'll receive a standard 16.5% wholesale discount on Zoomers (Roughly $300 off our current $1,899/  Zoomer 2 $2,099 retail price) and a 30% discount on accessories. If you're a larger retailer or online store, we offer larger discounts for partners that generate a significant volume of Zoomer sales.

Additionally, you have full flexibility over how you price Zoomers through your physical or online store, we do not hold our partners to selling at a pre-set price point. Your profit per sale is the difference between your discount price through us, and the price you sell to your customers at.

Our dropshipping program is straight forward with easy fulfillment. Our fulfillment works as follows:

  1. Your company makes an online sale, or in-person sale through a product demo with a customer.
  2. You submit payment at your discounted price through our fulfillment portal along with the customer's shipping information.
  3. We ship out the order immediately from our warehouse to your customer.

Alternatively, if you'd like to carry in-stock inventory at a physical storefront you are allowed to do so by pre-purchasing Zoomers at your wholesale discount price. We'll then send a bulk shipment of Zoomers to your business' address.

If you'd like to apply our wholesale and dropshipping program, please submit the following information through the contact form below.

  • Your company's name.
  • Your current sales channels (Physical store? online store? etc).
  • Your gross revenue range for 2020. ($0k - $50k, $100k - $250k, etc).
  • A link to your store's website (If applicable).
  • Any questions, comments, or details that would help us make a decision to accept you as a partner.


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