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Frequently Asked Questions

I ordered a while ago, why has my order not shipped yet?

I received a shipment confirmation, why does the tracking information shows as cancelled or not moving?

Does the Zoomer require assembly?

My Zoomer won't charge or run when I turn the key on, what can I do?

Can I charge the Zoomer off of 220/240 volts?

Does the Zoomer require registration, insurance, and/or a driver's license?

My Zoomer makes a grinding, crunching, or rubbing noise, what can I check?

How do I get a color option that is not currently available?

I don't see the accessories I want, when will you stock more?

Are there any discounts for buying more than one Zoomer?

I am outside the continental US, can I still get a Zoomer?

When can I expect to get the Zoomer order I've placed?

Is it possible to ride my Zoomer off road in sand, snow or rain?

How can I get more range from my Zoomer?

How do I make my Zoomer go faster?

I saw these for a lower price, can you go lower?

Do you offer financing or pay over time options?

How safe is the power pack in the Zoomer?

Power is not available where I store my Zoomer, how can I charge the battery?