Congratulations on purchasing your Zoomer!
This guide will teach you the ins and outs of how to use it, maintain it, and more!
Let's get started.

Step 1: Unboxing

If you did not receive your Zoomer in a box and the handlebars are already installed, you can skip the unboxing and handlebar assembly steps.

If your Zoomer arrived boxed, you’ll need to follow the following steps to remove it from its steel shipping frame and install the handlebars. This should take 5 to 15 minutes.

First, unbolt the bottom most bolts of the steel frame to be able to lift the upper part of the frame away from the base of the frame.

Next, untie or clip the steel wire retaining the Zoomer to the steel shipping frame. 

Remove the Zoomer from the steel shipping frame.

Step 2: Handlebar Installation

Find the handlebar clamp in the provided box and 4 allen bolts, as well as the allen key.

Center the handlebars on the lower neck clamp, and place the upper handlebar clamp in such a way that it’s bolt holes line up with the lower handlebar clamp. 

Install and tighten the allen bolts with the provided allen key, clamping down and securing the handlebars.

Note: Be sure to not overtighten the allen bolts, use the provided allen key.

Step 3: Battery

If you received your Zoomer fully assembled, you can skip this step.

This step applies to Zoomers received in a shipping box. We ship boxed Zoomers with their battery unplugged for safety reasons.

Use the keys provided with your Zoomer to open the lower compartment and find the battery and it’s plug.

Lift the tab on the battery and firmly plug in the battery plug in the compartment.

Close the compartment cover and lock it.

Step 4: Charging

Find the included charger that came with your Zoomer.

Plug the outlet end into any standard household wall outlet.

Plug the other end into the charging port on your Zoomer that is located near the neck of the Zoomer.

When charging, the charger's light will show red.

When fully charged, the charger's light will show green.

If your charger shows any other color than red or green, or is blinking, unplug the charger from the Zoomer immediately and contact Zoomer’s customer service. 

Step 5: Riding

You’re ready to ride!

Unplug your Zoomer from the charger.

Take the keys included with your Zoomer and turn the Zoomer “On” by turning the ignition switch using the keys located on the right side of the handlebars.

We recommend operating your Zoomer in an open area the first time you ride to get familiar with it.

To operate your Zoomer, start by slowly twisting the right hand grip - this is your throttle and will make the Zoomer accelerate.

To brake, use the brake levers on either the right or left side of the handlebars to operate the front and rear brakes.  

We recommend using an even amount of braking on both the front and rear brakes simultaneously to maximize brake life. 

Headlight & Horn Operation

You can turn the ultra-bright front headlight on and off by pressing the red headlight button located on the left handlebar.

Your Zoomer comes equipped with an audible horn that can be operated by pressing the green horn button on the left handlebar.


Using The Key-Fob

Your Zoomer comes with a remote key fob that can control it. 

Your key fob can do the following..

  • Lock Button: Lock your Zoomer, arming it’s alarm and anti-theft system.
  • Unlock Button: Unlock your Zoomer, allowing it to be ridden without the key inserted into the ignition
  • Lightning Bolt Button: Trigger a loud panic sound
  • Mute Button: Mute the panic sound


Charging Considerations

Zoomers use a large lithium ion battery pack. 

This battery pack can be removed from the lower compartment and transported or charged independently from the scooter.

The plug in on the battery is the same as the one used by the included charger.

You easily can remove the battery and carry it by the carrying handle to transport it and charge it should you not be able to bring your Zoomer into a convenient place to charge, such as an apartment building or condo.

Enjoy the ride!

If you have any questions, concerns, or need help troubleshooting please reach out to us directly on our website, https://www.ridezoomers.com.