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What Is The Zoomer?

A premium, all-electric, long range, bike-lane legal scooter with a timeless design.

Whether you're taking an adventure around your city or town, a trip to the grocery store or going off road, the Zoomer is a perfect addition to any lifestyle.

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Best In Class

Tech Specs

Bike Lane Legal In The USA.

30 mph Top Speed.

30 mi Range Per Charge.

6 hour Full Recharge Time.

Arrives Fully Assembled.


From short to tall, big to small, we designed Zoomers to be a comfortable ride for people of nearly every size imagineable.


Designed from the ground up with safety in mind, the oversized front and rear hydraulic disk brakes offer immediate stopping power.


Boasting a 1000 watt, waterproof, rear electric hub motor, Zoomers can deliver a startling amount of power and a 30mph top speed.

Experience The Ride

1-Year Warranty

On defects and parts
Shipping & Delivery

We offer free shipping on all orders to destinations within the continental United States.

All Zoomer shipments are insured and ship fully assembled from our headquarters in Oregon.

In stock orders are shipped within 3 business days and take an average of 2 to 7 business days to arrive depending on your destination.

In-Depth Tech Specs

Motor & Electronics

• 30 mph top speed.

• 30 mile range max per charge.

• Climbs hills up to a 35 degree grade.

• 67.2 volts @ 30 A peak pulse output power.

• 1000 W (1 kW) rear hub motor and controller.

• Water resistant internal electronics & wiring.

• Charge indicator display mounted on handlebars.


• Ultra-bright front LED headlight.

• Reflective rear indicators.


• Classified as an e-bike in the USA, no licensing required.

• 8" wide all-terrain pneumatic tires.

• Linear operation hydraulic disc brake.

• Smooth and comfortable twist-throttle.

• Weight carrying capacity up to 400 pounds.

• Designed for maximum stability at high speeds.


• 1.2 kWh lithium ion battery.

• Hot-Swappable/Plug-and-Play.

• Battery weight: 16 pounds (16 lbs).

• Heavy duty steel casing and carry handle.


• 6 hour empty-to-full recharge time.

• Charger uses a standard wall outlet.

• Faster charging available using a 220v outlet.

• Easy to remove battery for convenient charging.

Theft Prevention

• Included key required to turn on and off.

• Compatible with most bike locks.


• No recurring maintenance required.

Overall Dimensions

• Overall width: 30 inches (30")

• Overall length: 65 inches (65")

• Overall height: 44 inches (44")

• Overall weight: 125 pounds (125 lbs)

Specific Dimensions

• Width excluding handlebars: 14 inches (14")

• Handlebar width (End-To-End): 30 inches (30")

• Ground to deck height: 10 inches (10")

• Ground to seat height: 28 inches (28")

• Ground clearance: 5 inches (5")

• Wheelbase: 47 inches (47")

Shipping Dimensions

• Crate length: 70 inches (70")

• Crate width: 15 inches (15")

• Crate height: 34 inches (34")

• Total weight: 140 pounds (140 lbs)